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The two-wheeler insurance is an agreement between the owner of the two-wheeler being insured and the insurer wherein the insurer promises to provide monetary assurance to the policyholder in exchange for a premium amount.
The insurance provides financial assurance to the owner of a motorcycle or scooter from own damage or third-party liabilities arising due to an unforeseen situation.

Types of Bike Insurance Plans

The coverage you opt for does impact your quotes. Moreover, choosing a suitable coverage helps you to make the most of your financial protection.

# Third Party Liability Bike Insurance

This compensates only third-party injuries and their property damages. It’s the type of insurance that people opt for just because it’s mandatory. (However, we wouldn’t recommend it because it doesn’t protect you or your bike, which is dearer to you).

# Comprehensive Bike Insurance

This one covers losses/damages to you and your bike as well as protects you against third-party liabilities. It’s the type of insurance that people opt for if they want financial protection from losses caused due to accidents, theft and natural disasters.

Add-On Covers for Bike Insurance Policy

Customize your two-wheeler plan by opting for add-ons that suit you best.

Personal Accident Cover for Occupants

You may love zooming away on your two-wheeler. But bike accidents are dangerous to both the rider and the person sitting pillion. Since the risk of injuries/death is high for both, having a personal accident cover is essential. It insures against full or partial disability of the co-passenger as well.

Zero Depreciation cover

In your regular policy, during claim, you have to bear depreciation on repair/replacement expenses of plastic, fibre, rubber and glass parts. However, with this add-on, you profit by not having to pay depreciation on expenses of repaired/replaced parts.

Inclusions and Exclusions of Bike Insurance

What’s IncludedWhat’s Excluded
Damages that might happen to your bike in an accident.Damages caused if you were caught riding under the influence of alcohol.
Personal Accident Cover - if you (the owner-driver) are injured in a bike accident, the insurer compensates you.Loss and damages that may be caused because of a war or a nuclear strike.
Financial protection to your bike from natural calamities such as floods, earthquakes, etc.Accident-related damages caused while you were using your two wheeler for illegal activities.
In case your two wheeler gets stolen, your insurer will pay an amount equal to your bike’s IDV.Damages caused or losses incurred to your two wheeler while you were riding without valid license.
Coverage for damages caused during a man-made disaster. This includes riots, strikes, fire, and terrorism are covered.Regular mechanical expenses due to consistent wear and tear.

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